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Altitude Riders offer a one-of-a-kind motorcycle tour through remote regions of Nepal.
Visit the Himalayas and remote villages of Nepal on a two-wheeler of your choice.

Royal Enfield Motorcycle Tours In Nepal

Join us for the ride of a lifetime, on a bike of your choice. We mainly organize Royal Enfield rides but we also go with Enduro Honda bikes. Your tour will cover at least 1000 kilometers covering all types of terrain in Nepal. This is a true adventure and we will not go the usual way of visiting only the tourist places. Our goal is to explore and not just to reach from point A to point B. Our stays will be in villages or campsites ranging from river beds, soccer fields on hilltops to dry rice patties terraced into hillsides, or even riverbeds at the base of Nepal’s majestic peaks.

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Our trips are not limited by time or days. We are flexible with our tours so each expedition can be customized according to your preference. The tours below here only there to provide you with a general idea of what you can expect. For a more detailed itinerary, you can talk to our guides, they’re always excited to plan the next trip

Our Tours

Expedition To The Lost Tibetan Kingdom


Upper Mustang

Expedition Nepal
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Central Nepal

Tibet Motorcycle Tour (Everest Base Camp)


The Roof Of The World

Upper Mustang


Lost kingdom of Mustang

Our Rides

Royal Enfield Classic

The iconic Royal Enfield is a crowd favorite and one that’s most preferred in our expeditions. It sports the classic design and gives your ride the vintage feel that you are going for with modern technology.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Perfect for off-road and long touring, these motorcycles were built with touring in mind. They can withstand long distances of riding without providing discomfort to the rider. The Himalayan features an upright seating position, with a seat height of 800mm.

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This trip will take place in the remote upper Mustang Region, which lies in the rain shadow of the Himalayas, the world’s tallest mountain range. Tibet’s best-preserved vestige is this remote spot, which was only recently opened to tourists and is secured by a strict entry permit.

It is not cheap, easy, or (at times) comfortable to visit this region. However, the view from above 12000 feet, the unspoilt culture, and the sensation of complete seclusion make the effort and sacrifice worthwhile. Lo Manthang, Tibet’s forbidden city and final bastion of Tibetan culture, is a must-see.

Price: $5,499

Despite the fact that this trip is open to everyone, your perspective will decide your candidacy. The importance of inter-rider cooperation will be underlined.

Our journey will take us via the high highlands of Mustang, on the fringes of the Lost Tibetan Kingdom, and then into the middle Nepalese woods, hills, and villages. The Lost Tibetan Kingdom and Greater Central Nepal excursions will be included in this voyage.

Price: $3,250

Tibet, a country often talked about with an air of mystery and the curiosity of an unexplored Shangri-la. From the vast Himalayas to the unique culture, “the roof of the world” often sneaks its way into the dreams of travelers looking for an adventure few others ever get to experience.

Riding through Tibet on a Royal Enfield motorcycle is an adventure for the senses. The extreme riding conditions combined with the unique culture and religion create an experience unlike any other.

Price: $5,499

The expedition’s goal is to look into Nepal’s central region. Lumbini, the Buddha’s birthplace, Pokhara, a lakeside adventure town, and Kathmandu’s old bazaars are all worth visiting.

The remainder of the journey will be spent in unknown settlements situated on ridges and in valleys. Camping is accessible close to rushing rivers or on terraced rice farms perched on cliffs of a thousand feet.In Nepal’s jungle region, look for the one-horned rhinoceros and laugh with the local women and children who always come out to see the tourists.

Price: $4,499

The Roads And Terrain We Travel

Nepal's roadways are notoriously bad, and that is oddly enough, part of their charm. A typical Altitude Riders route traverses everything from good blacktop highways to rutted and muddy back roads. That is what makes each ride so exciting.

We recommend each guest has prior experience in challenging conditions. The ability to comfortably ride on mixed surfaces is important. An awareness of dynamic traffic patterns will make your ride all the more enjoyable, safe, and rewarding.


There will be no modern amenities on this tour, and participants must be prepared. We will be spending time in the mountainous regions where the temperatures drop when the sun goes down. Many nights will be spent in expedition-grade tents with no electricity (ie. no way to charge electronics or CPAP machines), no cell service, and no heating or air conditioning. Batteries will likely be unavailable for purchase along the trip, and cold nights will certainly drain any item needing charging.

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