Customer Protection

The safety and comfort of our guests is our number one priority. Traveling by motorbike presents unique and unforeseen hazards. The remote areas we visit will present heavy traffic, poor road conditions, and bad weather. The risks are compounded by the added stress and distractions of extended travel.

For these reasons, it is imperative our guests are confident in their riding abilities. Not just in the efficient operation of the machine, but in their use of good judgment. All riders are expected to ride within their limits and follow the instructions of the guides at all times. We also ask:

  • Stay behind the lead rider at all times.
  • Make every effort to stay with the group.
  • If you become separated from the group, stop and we will find you.
  • Do not ride too close to other riders.
  • Be polite to other riders, local drivers, and pedestrians.
  • The consumption of alcohol during riding hours is prohibited.
  • Always anticipate obstacles in the roadway, including animals.
  • Obey all traffic laws.
  • If you are tired or concerned with riding conditions, tell your guide immediately.